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Rezoning and Variance Process and Applications

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Rezoning is the process by which a property's zoning district is changed from one district to another. Rezoning changes the permitted uses and development standards for the subject property in line with the requested district.

The specific steps in the rezoning process are as follows:

  1. An application for a rezoning is submitted to the Planning Department

  2. The request for rezoning is advertised via a legal ad in the newspaper, rezoning signs on the property in question, and listed on the County website.

  3. Thống kê Xổ số Kiến GiangThe Planning Commission holds a public hearing and hears arguments for and against the rezoning. The applicant will be allowed to address the Commission first and may be invited back up to answer questions or concerns raised during the hearing. The Planning Commission will then vote on the application.

  4. The application is heard by the Board of Commissioners, which has the final authority over all rezoning and variance requests. The Planning Commission's vote acts as a recommendation to this body. The Board of Commissioners votes on the application; their decision is final.*

    Thống kê Xổ số Kiến Giang*If your rezoning request is denied, no new applications can be submitted for 6 months.


Additional Information necessary before submitting your applications:

  • Warranty Deeds must accompany all applications to show proof of ALL ownership.
  • Be sure to complete the "Disclosure" information on the application.
  • If more than one owner, complete the "Additional Ownership Page" in the application packet.
  • All signatures must be on all applications whether you are the applicant and/or owner.
  • If you are the owner and applicant, you must complete and execute both signature lines.
  • NO application will be accepted or processed if not completed in full.
  • A pre-application meeting is required whenever possible. Please call (706) 868-3400 to arrange an appointment.


Architectural Review Application

Conditional Use Application   

Minor Waiver Application

PUD (Planned Unit Development) Application

Rezoning Application (Includes Residential, Multi-Family, Industrial, and Commercial Zoning Districts)

 S-1 (Special District) Application

Temporary Use Authorization

Variance/Variation Application