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Fireworks Law and Safety Tips

Fireworks Law and Safety Tips

Post Date:06/26/2018 9:47 AM

Thống kê Xổ số Kiến GiangFireworks season is upon us, and the Fourth of July is a time of celebration including fireworks as a crowd pleaser. Columbia County officials would like to take time to educate patrons about operating fireworks in Columbia County and share some important firework safety tips.

House Bill (HB) 419, Fireworks, will take effect on July 1, 2018, and Columbia County will adhere to state law. HB 419 states: It shall be lawful for any person, firm, corporation, association, or partnership to use or ignite or cause to be ignited any consumer fireworks:

(i) On any day beginning at the time of 10:00 A.M. and up to and including the ending time of 11:59  P.M, unless  during such times the noise from such use or ignition is not in compliance with a  noise ordinance of a county or municipal corporation as provided for in subsection (c) of this Code section, except as otherwise provided for under this subparagraph; provided, however, that a county or municipal corporation may additionally require  the issuance of a special use permit pursuant to subparagraph (D) of this paragraph  for use or ignition;

(ii) On January 1, the last Saturday and Sunday in May, July 3, July 4, the first  Monday in September, and December 31 of each year after the time of 10:00 A.M. and up to and including the time of 11:59 P.M.; and

(iii) On January 1 of each year beginning at the time of 12:00 Midnight and up 53 to and including the ending time of 1:00 A.M.

Fireworks Safety Tips for Patrons:

  1. Thống kê Xổ số Kiến GiangThe best way to protect family is to not use fireworks at home. Instead, attend public fireworks displays and leave the lighting to the professionals.

  2. Closely supervise children around fireworks at ALL times.

  3. Little arms are too short to hold sparklers that can heat up to 1,200 degrees. Do not give children sparklers; let them hold a glow stick instead.

  4. Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks.

  5. Never light fireworks indoors or near dry grass.

  6. Point fireworks away from homes and people, and keep away from brush, leaves or any flammable substances.

  7. Stand several feet away from fireworks. If the device does not go off, do not stand over it. Put it out with water and dispose of it in a safe location.

  8. Always have a bucket of water and/or fire extinguisher nearby. It is also important that one knows how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

  9. If anyone is injured while shooting fireworks, immediately go to a doctor or hospital. If an eye injury occurs, do not touch or rub it, as it may cause even more damage.

Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets:

  1. Thống kê Xổ số Kiến GiangThe safest place for your pets is indoors.

  2. Outside pets should have secure fencing/gates, a place to hide within those confines, and a proper ID tag.

  3. Do not take pets to events where fireworks are likely to occur. Keep in mind that pets do not enjoy loud booms and flashing lights the way we do.

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